CP pallets

Our company offers standardized CP pallets designed for multiple use in chemical industry. The CP-system covers 9 standard pallets: CP-1, CP-2, CP-3, Cp-4, СР-5, СР-6, СР-7, СР-8, СР-9.

WPES (Wood Paletten Express Service) concentrates on such aspects as quality, safety and ecological uses of CP pallets. Although pallets of this type are intended for chemical industry, they can be used for other purposes, as well.

 CP pallets - schemes and dimensions

Schemes and dimensions of CP pallets CP1 – CP9

You can rest assured that the quality of timber, elements anchoring, marking and permitted sizes of CP pallets made by WPES meet the standard by all parameters. Most frequently, CP pallets are used to transport carton boxes, sacks, cans and containers for dry materials.

Marking of СР pallets allow one to identify:

  • Type of pallet, CP1 to CP9
  • Manufacturer’s code
  • Date of production
  • Date of repair (if it took place)

Types of CP pallets:

  • CP1 pallet (1200 x 1000 mm) used for carton boxes and sacks
  • CP2 pallet (1200 x 800 mm) used for for carton boxes and sacks. Analog to the standard european pallet in chemical industry. Its size is identical to the one of the euro pallet.
  • CP3 pallet (1140 x 1140 mm) is perfect for barrel loading  
  • CP4 pallet (1100 x 1300 mm) for sacks
  • CP5 pallet (760 x 1140 mm) intended for small package such as boxes and bins
  • CP6 pallet (1200 x 1000 mm) used for transportation of sacks with dry materials
  • CP7 pallet (1300 x 1100 mm) purpose identical to CP6
  • CP8 pallet (1140 x 1140 mm) used for container transportation
  • CP9 pallet (1140 x 1140 mm) used for containers, barrels and properly sized loads

Also, our company provides the pallet exchange service of all types, so you can exchange CP pallets for euro pallets and vice versa.