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Heat treatment

Great number of good that Ukraine exports is transported in wooden packaging and containers. Nevertheless, not all containers are a good fit for export abroad.IPPC mark - wood heat treatment

According to the requirements of the International Standards For Phytosanitary Measures No 15 (ISPM-15), wooden pallets and european pallets must be sterilized.

Two forms of sterilization are provided for wooden packaging, heat treatment and chamber drying. Heat treatment is the most common form of wood sterilization. During this procedure, euro pallets receive the special certification symbol “IPPC”, which looks like an ear of wheat. This certification symbol indicates:

  • ISO country code
  • unique certification number issued to the treatment provider
  • treatment applied to the wood packaging material

Our company provides heat treatment services in compliance with the requirements of ISPM-15. Heat treatment of wood and saw timber ensures the death of wood-borne pests and that the threat of bugs has been eliminated.

Also, treatment to the ISPM 15 standard is accompanied with a stamp or marking on the sides of the pallet. When pallets are treated, the stamp is made with the help of the paint or fire. Only after previous treatment and marking are wooden pallets ready for use and transit packaging.

wood heat treatment

Chamber drying

Chamber drying not only helps to sterilize the wood but also reduces its humidity. This form of treatment takes place in special chambers. These accommodations have all conditions for moisture evaporation: heat, warm air, mixture of air and chamber gases and steam.

Chamber drying  reduces the duration of wood drying substantially, regardless of the season, climate and weather conditions. It allows one to dry wood to any preferred level of humidity, manage drying process effectively, eliminate funguses, insects and their larvae.  

Chambers has all preconditions for regulating temperature and lateral air movement, and so wood can be dried fast. Duration of chamber drying varies depending on the type of wood. Coniferous boards, which are 25mm and 50mm thick, require 3 to 6 days, and oak boards of the identical thickness require 14 to 28 days.   


Chamber drying

Chamber drying of wood

Wood and pallets utilization

Our company carries out wood utilization. If you have wood and wooden pallets that need utilization, we will help you with pleasure.

Providing equipment for pallet repair, sorting and production

If you have an experience of dealing with used wooden pallets, the chances are high that you have already faced some typical issues. After multiple use of pallets, the most common problems appear:  

  • The need for constant sorting
  • Multiple damages that demand repair
  • Need for utilization of unrepairable pallets

Wood Paletten Express Service (WPES) company offers quick and economical solution for both pallet manufacturers and users of all types of pallets. Because of the efforts of WPES company, you can use your damaged pallets again!

WPES has over 20 years of experience in wooden pallet production. Thanks to our profound knowledge in this field we consult our clients on matters related to pallets and our additional services. Contact us to receive more information about our pallet services.

equipment for pallet repair CEKAMON