Used Pallets

Severe competition in the modern business world, especially under pressure of increasing prices and limited budget, often forces all companies to look for the ways of reducing costs and logistics optimization.

used epal pallet

used pallet

Most common solution is the choice in favor of the used wood pallets.

WPES company has been offering used wood pallets for sale for many years. We have flawless reputation in area of pallet repair and shipping second hand pallets.

Our used pallets are of the highest quality and still perform their functions as well as new ones.

We actively buy used wooden pallets all over Ukraine, restore their operating condition and do everything possible so that other could reuse pallets easily. Used pallets for sale remains the most popular offer in our company because it constitutes a perfect price-quality ratio.   

We offer the following types of used pallets:

  • Euro Pallet A
  • Euro Pallet B

Euro Pallet A is a pallet of a light color that has been used no more than two times. It is no different from the new pallet in its appearance. Used pallets are widely used in goods export all over the world.

Euro pallet B is of a dark color. It is used for load storage and shipping. Some part of euro pallets B undergo repair that entails partial details replacement.

We use only the best equipment, details and instruments to refurbish used wooden pallets. After repair, we thoroughly examine pallets to make sure that all our production meets the standards necessary for safe usage.

W.P.E.S company has warehouses in such cities as Svaliava (Head office and production facility), Kyiv, Lviv, Uzhgorod, Kharkiv and Dnipro.

Contact us today to buy top quality used wooden pallets. Used wood pallets for sale will reduce your expenses and save the environment.  

W.P.E.S. - warehouses of used pallets

Warehouses of used pallets in Svaliava, WPES company

used pallets: - warehouses of used pallets, WPES company

Warehouses of used pallets