Premium firewood

Our company offers premium firewood for fireplaces, boilers, grills, braziers and bonfires combined with delivery service all over Ukraine and Europe.

Since our production facility is located in Carpathian Mountains you can rest assured in ecological compatibility of our production. Firewood logs are made only of hardwood, they are environmentally friendly and do not contain resin.

firewood for fireplaces

Ready-to-use firewood of WPES production in the package 1х1х1m

Production technology of our hardwood firewood starts from thorough selection of wood for further processing. We select only healthy trees and eliminate unhealthy ones. Only healthy trees guarantee quality hardwood logs that have balanced humidity, size and weight. Firewood by WPES (Wooden Paletten Express Service) company is of high quality and efficiency since it burns more slowly. Such firewood is perfect for cooking, barbeque and wood burning stoves for pizza preparation. We have a special offer for pizzerias, which is firewood without bark.

We offer firewood logs for sale of the following size: 25 сm, 33 сm and 50 сm.

Package mode: 1m х 1m х 1m, 1m х 1m х 1.8m, 1m х 1m х 2m.

We have both fresh logs made out of beech and season firewood that underwent chamber drying, with humidity up to 22%. This is the previous firewood drying that ensures its proper quality of burning.

WPES company provides firewood delivery service all over Ukraine and Europe. Our warehouses are located in the largest cities of Ukraine to ensure convenience to all our clients regardless of their location. Our delivery service works round the clock: 24/7/365, for our clients’ convenience. Also, we deliver firewood to the exact place and at the exact time that you have indicated.  

Why us?

  • Certified products
  • Quality assurance
  • All firewood seasoned in open-air
  • Environmentally friendly waste-free production, low level of pollutant emissions
  • Delivery of any product at any time

To buy firewood, call us or order a call. We will answer all your questions with pleasure.


Warehouse of ready to use firewood

Warehouse of packed, ready to use wood of the highest quality – production company WPES, Carpathian Mountains, Svalyava

sorted firewood in the drying chamber

Chamber drying – manufacturing facilities of WPES company in the Carpathian Mountains, Svalyava

Firewood Warehouse

Firewood Warehouse of company Wood Pallet Express Service in the Carpathians, Svalyava

timber, labeled with UA DALRU mark

Company WPES uses only environmentally friendly, legally harvested timber, labeled with UA DALRU mark